Knaq API v1

GET /1/equipment-statistics/equipment

Returns all equipment that has data available for reports.

Endpoint URL


Authorization request header Bearer token

Example responses

  "equipment": [
      "building": "123 Main Street",
      "equipment_name": "PE 1",
      "asset_id": "001",
      "equipment_type": "hydraulic",
      "department": "Operations"

Response fields

Name Type Description
id string Unique identifier of this equipment.
building string The building or equipment location.
equipment_name string The name or label assigned to this equipment.
asset_id string Unique identifier used within the organization.
equipment_type string The type or category of this equipment.

Supported values:
  • hydraulic
  • traction
  • escalator
  • moving_walkway
  • HVAC
  • compressor
department string The department within the organization associated with this equipment.