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Digital Insights for Physical Assets.

How do you know if your are functioning properly?
With Knaq you do. Real-time alerts and monitoring for your critical customer-facing equipment.

Real-time Alerts

Knaq infrastructure sends SMS and Email alerts the second an issue is detected.
Meaning you spot problems before receiving angry tweets from customers.

Easy Installation

Plug-and-play devices are controller agnostic and can be installed with minimal passenger disruption in 30 minutes or less.
End result: better uptime, reduced costs, and scalable deployments.

Data that Matters

User-friendly dashboards monitor the performance of your equipment. Easily see real-time, historical, aggregate and performance data with a few clicks.

Customers that trust Knaq

Real-time equipment monitoring for .

Ever had an elevator stuck between floors for hours or even days and you didn’t know about it?
Have confidence that your equipment portfolio is running properly and that your customers aren’t getting frustrated with long wait times. Ensure that your facilities are friendly and operational for those with disabilities, strollers, or other mobility constraints.
Knaq provides that peace of mind with 24/7 coverage.

Non-invasive sensors

Real-time alerts

Easy installation

Controller agnostic


The data you need
for the decisions you want.

Knaq’s intuitive dashboard design allows you to easily navigate historical and real-time data for all of your equipment.

IoT and AI

Let’s face it: you can’t do it all. You’re responsible for hundreds of assets and you rely on others to identify problems. Unreported downtime isn’t even on the radar. Leverage technology to simplify your operations and let us find the proverbial “needle in a haystack”.

Key usage metrics

Visualize hourly equipment performance across floors for metrics such as passenger waiting times, travel times, door usage, and more.

Power Monitoring

Granular sampling of motor activity provides insights into equipment health, from direction and speed to travel distances and time. Current and frequency measurements are quantified in real-time and compared against previous statistics to detect operating anomalies instantly.


Don’t take our word for it!

We don't like talking about ourselves, but fortunately a few others have put in a kind word along the way.

“So, we have been looking for a solution to monitor elevator and escalators for a couple of years… Knaq gives us the ability to do that.”

“The email and text messaging alerts are a huge help.”


Worried about installation costs and excessive downtime?

Knaq’s novel data acquisition technology completely avoids hardwired connections within the controller while maintaining the data granularity from such an input. This significantly reduces physical asset and IT security risks. This also facilitates faster deployments with minimal passenger disruption. Each device contains a 4G LTE modem as part of a fully managed data infrastructure, so you don’t even need to schedule that Teams meeting with IT.


Devices Operating


Daily Telemetry Messages

White Glove


Frequently Asked Questions


What makes Knaq unique?

We have an end-user tailored solution built with in-house hardware and software expertise that leverages a novel system of non-invasive data acquisition. Translation: lots of engineering hours.


Does Knaq hardware work with any controller?

Yes! Knaq devices are completely controller and equipment agnostic. That means we can plug-and-play no matter who the OEM is. This also means you can consolidate all of your equipment monitoring into one dashboard with Knaq, or hit those APIs and take it out.


Cui bono?

Facilities managers, building operators, stadium and events centers, hospitals, university campuses, transit authorities, airports, and the list goes on. If you have team members responsible for your people movers, let Knaq get to work for you.


How much does it cost?

Reach out to our team and we can provide you with a quote. Because of the hardware component, it depends on the type of equipment and sensors that you need. There is a one time hardware fee followed by a subscription to cover access to your data. Contact us today

Get Knaq and get peace of mind.

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