Total Equipment Visibility

Predictive Maintenance

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The Knaq platform is an end-to-end solution for the management of vertical transportation equipment.

Real-Time Data

Get millisecond accuracy on all aspects of equipment performance. Track over 20 inputs and visualize behavior graphically.


Visualize hourly equipment performance across floors for metrics such as passenger waiting times, travel times, door usage, and more.

Historical Trends

Real-time data become historical trends and summary statistics, critical for identifying longer-term performance measures.

Power Monitoring

Granular sampling of motor activity provides insights into equipment health, from direction and speed to travel distances and time. Current and frequency measurements are quantified in real-time and compared against previous statistics to detect operating anomalies instantly.


Gain a little peace of mind. Equipment issues are detected through simple rules, statistical analyses, and AI algorithms.


Some tasks are better suited for machines, like analyzing 900 trips/day for anomalies. We’ll continue searching for the proverbial needle and keep the use of buzz words to a minimum.

Improved Portfolio Visibility

Gone are the days of black box thinking. The benefits of digitizing equipment operations accrue to the entire organization, from techs troubleshooting issues quicker to the C-suite understanding traffic flows.

Improve Efficiency

Prioritize maintenance based on current equipment usage and predictive analytics

Risk Management

Better understand equipment performance to minimize downtime and improve accessibility

Troubleshoot Faster

Quickly diagnose issues and reduce unnecessary site visits

Data-driven Decisions

Inform decision makers with actual operating data


Write maintenance specifications with measurable equipment performance targets

Streamline Operations

Integrate elevator data into existing workflows or building management systems

Digital Feedback for Physical Assets

Knaq’s predictive maintenance platform combines signal acquisition sensors and hardware with cloud-based analytics and AI to provide visibility into equipment operations.

  • OEM-agnostic data collection
  • Electrically isolated sensors
  • Linux OS for edge AI analysis
  • Cellular, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet connectivity

Get up-to-the-second info on all aspects of equipment performance

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Total Visibility

Simple. Universal. Comprehensive.